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11 Best SEO Tips for Tradesmen (4)

7 Roofing Searches On The Rise in Florida


Every roofer and roofer marketing company is always on the hunt for the next new roofing focus shift.

Whether you’re searching for new SEO content for your roofing website or to keep an eye on upcoming roofing projects – this should help for the time being.

To compile these, we analyzed Google Searches for roofing search terms that were receiving a large increase in interest.

Without further ado, here they are:

“sears roofing” + 3250%

Why: This could either be the company Sears Roofing in Lakeland or it could just be the regular old Sears company, maybe in part due to their roofing supplies?

Most roofers have been aware of the supply shortage which started during COVID but now with the war in Ukraine is predicted to get even worse, according to Homebuilding & Renovating.

It is really telling to the lack of roofing supplies that are highly sought after in the construction community.

“resolute roofing” + 1300%

Why: Well, this one is easy to see. Resolute roofing is a roofing company owned and operated by Veterans in Ft. Myers, FL.

With a whopping 84, five star reviews on Google it’s clear to see why they’re dominating the competition.

What are they doing correctly? According to the reviews, “punctuality” and “responsiveness” are the qualities that appear again and again.

For all you roofers out there, this seems like the method to follow! Props to them.

“flat roofing contractors near me” + 650%

Why: Flat roofs are all the rage in 2022 – seriously though. According to Flat Roof Pros, it’s because of simplicity, maintenance, roofing materials and space inside in the building!

So if you’re a roofing contractor, now seems like a better time than ever to start marketing your flat roofing services.

My marketing two cents, if you’re starting up your roofing company, choose a domain with flat roof in it.

Makes ranking for these terms a whole lot easier, best of luck!

“honest abe roofing” + 400%

Why: Honest Abe is a roofing company with mulitple locations throughout Central Florida. They have locations in Daytona Beach, Lakeland, and Orlando – which are about the biggest cities in each of their respective areas of Central Florida.

Honest Abe seems to know their market and with almost selectively five star reviews at all of their locations it’s clear to see why they’re trending.

Hats off to another roofing company who is dominating with SEO.

“shingle roofing company” + 250%

Why: Who doesn’t love shingles? I mean really, one of the cheaper options for installing a roof and with almost all of them coming with lifetime warranties, it makes the decision a no brainer.

According to Amazing Architecture, asphalt shingles are the main roofing style thus far in 2022 with no expectation of that changing anytime soon!

Quite a brazen statement with all of the metal roofs being slapped on, but facts are facts unfortunately.

What’s the shingle color of the year? According to Owens Corning, it’s bourbon!

Anywho, if you’re a roofing contractor, it’s time to start writing blogs for asphalt shingles, if you’re not already!

“rubber roofing contractors near me” + 200%

Why: Rubber has become quite popular in the coming years! Even though, they’re more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles they are worth the extra money from lifetime savings.

Rubber seems to be a popular choice for commercial roofing aplications since they’re generally a little less aesthetically pleasing than their shingle counterparts.

However, if your roofing company offers commercial rubber roofing installation, now is the time to run ads to this service, add a page on your website, and start writing some blogs so you can rank for this search term down the road!

“rolled roofing installation” + 110%

Why: This search term actually shows some clear intent – although maybe more informational in nature.

It implies one of two things, that there is a spike in DIY roofing projects or that more homeowners are beginning to do some research about the roofing process.

If it’s the first, start establishing differences with your customers why your workmanship quality will far exceed theirs, despite the savings of money.

If it’s the second, we can assume it’s time to write a blog answering this question in detail and instructing your customers on the right contractor to visit when the time comes (YOU!).


Whether or not you’re currently targeting these keywords in your content or on your site, don’t fret, reading this article is enough to put you ahead of the competition.

Start incorporating these options with your customers, into your website, into your content and into your every day conversation with consumers and suppliers.

We hope these 7 topics have left you more empowered than you were before.

If you’re ever in need of any roofer marketing, you know the place to go!

Tradesmen marketing done right.

Curious to see how we can help you beat your competitor? Let’s get started!

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