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11 Best SEO Tips for Tradesmen (6)

How the Top HVAC Companies are Using SEO in Deltona


We know that SEO for HVAC companies can be a make or break for business. That’s why we’ve embarked upon narrowing down what these HVAC companies in Deltona are doing to get their website on the first page of Google. Enjoy the read!

First, we define our metrics. Here’s what we decided would be the best SEO variables to focus on:

  1. Total Traffic
  2. Organic Traffic
  3. Paid Traffic
  4. Total Keywords
  5. Most Valuable Keywords
  6. Total Backlinks
  7. Most Valuable Backlinks
  8. Total Pages
  9. Age of Domain
  10. On Page SEO Score
  11. Blog Content
  12. Site Speed
  13. Meta Descriptions Optimized?
  14. Page Titles Optimized?
  15. H1’s Optimized?
  16. Canonicals

We went through each site, did a full sweep audit, and pulled the metrics we thought were relevant.

Here were the results as well as our recommendations for ranking your HVAC company in Deltona using SEO.

Total Traffic

Top Site= 122 visits per month

2nd Site= 16 visits per month

3rd Site= 32 visits per month

What does this mean: This means whatever the Top Site is doing is working! Don’t be fooled with the second site receiving less traffic per month but still ranking higher. Their SEO is a little better optimized for their service word.

Organic Traffic

Top Site= 100%

2nd Site= 87%

3rd Site= 100%

What does this mean: That the top site is really honing in on SEO efforts. You can see some of the second site’s traffic does come from paid search, but very little. I believe they only had a monthly spend of $50 on Google.

Paid Traffic

Top Site= 0%

2nd Site= 13%

3rd Site= 0%

Total Keywords

Top Site= 600

2nd Site= 227

3rd Site= 387

What does this mean: That the top site is putting out some great content. Why would I know that? There are only so many keywords you can rank for when just using what’s on your site. This is why the other two sites have stagnated while the top site ranks for almost double the keywords.

Most Valuable Keywords

Top Site= (DeLand, fl temp), ac repair orange city fl, air current, current air, current inc

2nd Site= quality appliance repair, air nation symbol, clothes dryer repair, nationair, ac repair orange city fl

3rd Site= ac repair Daytona, ac repair Daytona beach, Deltona air conditioning, ac repair orange city, ac replacement Daytona beach

What does this mean: As we can see, the top site is really doing well, as most of their traffic is stemming from a brand search. This means people are searching for them directly as opposed to a service they offer. However, the 2nd site is really doing well with its service keywords, which is not to be overlooked.

Total Backlinks

Top Site= 1,048

2nd Site= 112

3rd Site= 147

What does this mean: Wow… just wow! You can see here a huge difference between the top site and the other two. Unfortunately, backlinks are a vital part of any SEO campaign. You can tell they’re also engaging in Off-Page SEO, either they’ve outsourced their work to an agency, or they’re really just top-notch!

Most Valuable Backlinks

Top Site= Newswire, Yellowpages

2nd Site= Yellowpages, Superpages

3rd Site= Chamber of Commerce, Top Rated Local

What does this mean: These are all great backlinks with a high Domain Authority. Nothing to say about site two or three, but now we know why the top site has so many backlinks. Newswire is the ticket!

Total Pages

Top Site= 89

2nd Site= 37

3rd Site= 18

What does this mean: Another huge part of the top site’s success. The more pages you have, the more keywords you can rank for, the more backlinks you can get, the more traffic you have! Bada bing.

Age of Domain

Top Site= 18 yrs

2nd Site= 7 yrs

3rd Site= 10 yrs

What does this mean: Another overlooked ranking factor. Google tends to prefer sites that have been producing content for a while, but again optimized SEO will always outperform. Hence the difference between the second and third site.

On-Page SEO Score

Top Site= 85% – Good

2nd Site= 92% – Great

3rd Site= 73% – Average

What does this mean: If you scroll down a little further, it might not make sense, but hang in there with me. The second site has done a really good job at optimizing its website code, making sure there are no redirect chains or dead pages. So kudos!

Blog Content

Top Site= Yes / monthly

2nd Site= Not in years

3rd Site= No

What does this mean: Another clear reason of our top site victor. As mentioned before, Google likes when you can engage with your audience. Answering questions they may have regarding your service ahead of time will tell Google you’re an authority figure in your industry.

Site Speed

Top Site= 33 – Poor

2nd Site= 81 – Good

3rd Site= 70 – Average

What does this mean: This is a serious issue for the Top Site, a score of 33 generally means the site hasn’t been updated in a long time or that the site’s theme itself is slow, also a huge issue. Google has long listed site speed as a big factor in SEO.

Meta Descriptions Optimized?

Top Site= Yes

2nd Site= Yes

3rd Site= Yes – but many duplicates

What does this mean: This is great to see. It means that they’ve all taken the time to optimize each page on their site for some aspect of keywords. Well done!

Page Titles Optimized?

Top Site= Yes

2nd Site= No

3rd Site= Yes

What does this mean: Optimizing page titles for keywords is a large part of on-page SEO. It lets Google know exactly what content to anticipate on this page. Easier for google, easier for you!

H1’s Optimized?

Top Site= Yes

2nd Site= No

3rd Site= Yes

What does this mean: Each page on your website should always have an H1 heading, again to signify to Google what to expect. These are generally the large font at the beginning of a web page. Putting keywords here is expected in On-Page SEO. A nice tip for the 2nd site!


Top Site= Yes

2nd Site= Yes

3rd Site= No

What does this mean: So many pages, so much confusion. Canonicals help Google give the most link equity to a certain page on your site. Thus, even having multiple home pages on your website direct back to your canonical will ensure that Google doesn’t give any unnecessary “juice” to the incorrect pages.

Conclusion / Recommendations

The top-performing site seemed to do everything right, except their page speed score where they received a 33 from PageSpeed Insights, which is pretty terrible.

Where they did shine however was their total backlink count, their total number of pages, their total number of keywords, and their frequent production of blog content.

Our recommendation for the 2nd and 3rd sites would be to outshine the top site in the above metrics. This means creating service pages, creating location pages, getting more backlinks, producing more content and increasing your site speed.

None of the numbers are anything stellar so unless the top site continues to optimize, number two and three might not be too far behind. If they get their act together.

We hope you enjoyed our newest article and feel free to comment on which industry we should do next!

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