Lake Mary Local Legend- Orange County Brewers: Bringing Craft Beer to Lake Mary

Craft Beer has become a sensation, a necessity to every thriving downtown; and for good reason. Who doesn’t love sipping a fine tripel while mingling with friends and family?

That left us with Lake Mary. A beautiful and upscale city just missing one of these pillars of culture, until Orange County Brewers came along. 

Why do we love them so much?

Because they’re a local legend, of course! And because they make some damn good beer. But more about that later.

Our head brewer and chief of beermaking is Kent Waugh.

Kent Waugh, Head Brewer at Orange County Brewers

Kent was playing in a band in Breckenridge, Colorado in 1992 when introduced to brewing by a fellow bandmate. A few years later, he moves down to Front Range and starts working and brewing beer at Boulder Beer.

Eventually, he makes his way back down to Lake Mary where he is able to provide some great quality craft beer that Lake Mary so desperately needed!

When he’s not brewing beer at Orange County Brewers, he can be found contract brewing at Crooked Can, Brew Theory, Castle Church, and more.

So what do they offer?

Beer… and lots of it! Brews you’ve never heard of (at least I haven’t)! : Wheat Beer, Schwarzbier, Bock, Kolsch, Milkshake IPAs… the list goes on.

It’s hard to accurately label how and what they’re brewing since the brews change so often, but again, that’s what we love about them.

So if you haven’t had the chance, go down to Orange County Brewers, have the best glass of beer you can have in Lake Mary, and thank Kent for bringing craft beer to Lake Mary.

And of course, support local!

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