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Roofing Marketing

Internet Marketing for Roofing Companies Proven to Increase Revenue

digital design for the future

Why you need roofing marketing

76% of people will research a company’s online presence before ever visiting your physical location. When you search for “roof repair near me” or “roofing near me”, does your business show up? If not, you’re definitely in need of a digital marketing facelift. That’s where Here To Help comes in, ROI driven roofing marketing.

Get more leads and increase revenue

Get more roofing leads with Local SEO

Most roofing companies report most of their leads coming in from organic traffic via Google. Having your website optimized for local “near me” searches and adding location pages for every county and area you serve is critical. Your site’s ability to rank on Google My Business is a top priority of ours, our focus on review generation and reputation management is a necessity for roofing SEO.

"Near me" mobile searches have gone up 200% in the last two years.

Your customers are searching for you.

Roofing marketing services we offer


Search engine optimization geared for national coverage. Through the use of press releases, guest blogs and phenomenal content, your roofing company will be ranking for keywords related to the roofing industry. Time to start opening up more locations!

Local SEO

Search engine optimization geared for local domination. Your first priority in digital marketing should be establishing yourself as the frontrunner in the pack. Ranking for service industry keywords attached to your local region (roofing repair in “your city”) is paramount to roofing success. Even in the slow season.

Social Media Marketing

You need to have a great portfolio - and great customer interactions. Building loyalty and taking a cold lead to a warm lead has never been easier than with social media. You’ll be a community superstar in no time!

Business Automation

Tired of monotonous data entry and reports? So were we. That’s why we businesses eliminate unnecessary tasks and roles in their company by integrating multiple softwares. Our developers will make sure the programs you need can speak to each other, saving you in hours in the day.

Email Marketing

Nothing beats a $44 to $1 ROI. That’s email marketing done right. Our email marketing specialists will devise automated sequences targeting customer segments for timely service reminders, special deals, media features and recommended services.

Text Marketing

The highest open rate of any digital marketing service, an incredible 92%. However, service promotion is generally frowned upon. But for review generation, it’s top-notch. The most personal reviews come via text marketing efforts. It’s time to take over Google Maps for your roofing services.

Reputation Management

Reviews, NAP, accurate profiles and more. Reputation management is focused on making sure your presence online is squeaky clean. Overturning bad reviews, updating invalid links, correcting inaccurate information and actively responding to all mentions across the web is a brief highlight of our reputation management services.

Paid Advertisement

Local Search Ads for roofing companies can prove very fruitful in a saturated area. How else can you get to the top spot on Google as the new guy? Re-targeting with Facebook ads keeps you fresh on their mind when deciding to purchase. High ticket services for roofing repair perform particularly well when pairing with appropriate advertising.

Web Design

The start of it all. How will anyone know you’re out there? The first step to any successful digital marketing campaign for a roofing company starts with a clear website. A properly designed roofing website will feature technical and on-page SEO, pages for each service you offer, pages for each location you service and links to all of your social profiles and mentions across the web. With Here To Help, your website will be sure to stand out amongst the rest.

websites that rank

The biggest roofing digital marketing hurdle - an optimized roofing website

Most sites are either severely lacking in content or were created in 1999. An out of date website is almost worse than no website at all, it conveys that your practices are outdated, and you don’t care to keep up with the times. All things a potential customer doesn’t want to see. On top of that, a poorly developed website will have a high bounce rate (click and leave) inevitably tanking rankings.

Roofing web design

Mobile friendly

Designed for lead generation

because we care.

Why Here To Help as your roofing marketing company?

Because we care. Because we know the industry. Because we don’t get paid unless you do. We’re a results driven roofing marketing company, focusing on the ROI for your marketing budget. We form partnerships with our clients, trying to get as involved as we can. We’re not just some agency, we’re your in-house marketing department, involved in the day to day.

Why Roofing Digital Marketing Matters?

The deciding factor on whether your customer chooses your or your competitor. It’s a preview of the work they’re to receive, displaying your seriousness to your craft.

Roofing Marketing FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Because like any good investment it nets you more money down the road. That’s why we focus on ROI marketing, where everything is centered around you getting more than what you pay for.

Your roofing company will be in great hands, we offer a litany of digital marketing solutions: Roofing Email Marketing, Roofing SEO, Roofing Social Media Marketing, Roofing Paid Ads and more.

It depends on what marketing efforts you’ve already established, but if you’re starting from scratch; definitely web design, SEO and social media would be our best bet. It’s a balance of displaying your services, building trust and ultimately outranking your competition.

We happily report our marketing efforts every month. This includes all increases and decreases on KPIs, keywords, campaign success, ROI and more.

It depends on what you need! We don’t offer a “one size fits all” package because every company is different. You’ll be glad to know that more than 90% of small businesses can afford our services.

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