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Social Media Marketing

80% of all adults aged 18-49 are active social media users and 40% say they don’t trust a business without social media…

Using social media marketing to stand out

Explain to customers how to use your product, highlight your charitable work, show why you’re better than your competitors, but most importantly… connect with your audience!

It's time to tell your story


Professional photography only… Everything starts with beautiful design. Weekly posting with included advertised posts. Keeping your audience involved in the day to day of your business. Monthly reports monitor all increased engagements.


The average social media user spends 2.7 hours online. It’s time to get involved! Why does anyone use social media? To become part of a community. How do you help your community? They can’t see the work you do on the back end, until now.


It all starts with data, finding your ideal customer and where they’re interacting. Platform choice is fundamental, not all social media sites are created equal. We then answer the burning questions your target audience has. It’s pretty simple really. Help your customer as much as possible.

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“When it comes to social media marketing, you don’t have to post 3 times a day. It’s never about how often you post but the quality of your content.”

Janet Benson Amarhavwie

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