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Website Design for tradesmen

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Website Design for tradesmen

At Here To Help marketing we provide top of the line website design for tradesmen. Whether you’re a one-man team or a 7 figure company, we offer affordable website development services that are sure to make you stand out amongst your competition. Here’s a list of our services:

-Website Design for tradesmen

-Website Development for tradesmen

-Website Creation for tradesmen

-Website Maintenance for tradesmen

-Webmaster for tradesmen

-Website Services for tradesmen

Why you need a website

Your website is your virtual store-front and almost equally important. Everything that happens online is verified by your website via Google. Websites are no longer an extra perk, they’ve now become standard practice.

84% of consumers think a website makes a business more credible.

Only 36% of businesses don’t have a website in this current age. Not having one would put you at the bottom of the pack automatically, despite the awesome services you provide. Is your competition really 70% better than you? We don’t think so.

Outrank your local competitors, websites help Google recognize your location.

Nearly four out of five searches online are related to “near me” services. So how does Google know which businesses are nearby? The NAP (Name, Address, Phone) you place throughout your website and directories.

88% of customers call a business they’ve researched for on Google the SAME day

Seems easy enough! Getting seen on Google without a website? Very difficult. Not having a website takes you out of the game before it even starts. It’s the best investment your business can make.

Website Design features for tradesmen

On-Page SEO

Every website we create is optimized for on-page SEO (i.e. the factors on your page that Google looks at.) This isn’t industry standard. We know you need it, and shouldn’t pay extra either.

Locktight Security

Ever had your identity stolen? A vulnerable website leaves you open to potential ransomware and even stealing the identities of your customers. Sure to land you in some hot water.

Interactive Graphics

People like pretty things. We know that, have you seen this web page? We practice what we preach and will do the same for your audience (every audience responds differently).

Lightning Speed

80% of users will leave if your site doesn’t load in less than 2 seconds. We keep fast loading pages at the fore-front of every design.

Custom Built

No more templated websites. We make sure your website stands out amongst the pack, the only way is to build it from the ground up.

Affordable Pricing

We’ve said it before. We’re not here to rob, we’re Here To Help. We do everything we can to provide the best product for your budget.

Why Website Design For Tradesmen Matters?

The deciding factor on whether your customer chooses your or your competitor. It’s a preview of the work they’re to receive, displaying your seriousness to your craft.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


Our web design process

Step 1: Industry Specific Design

First impressions are important. You can’t afford to be losing customers due to unattractive design or lack of location specific data. We start things off by taking a deep dive into your brand. We follow this up with professional photography to showcase your services in true fashion. We then find your highest performing keywords (most likely industry related) and services and integrate these into your brand. We’ll choose the best hosting server (for speed) and domain name (url name) to allow your business to get to the top of Google for your trade. In a matter of weeks, we’ll have your website ready to be seen by your eager customers!

Step 2: Approval/Revisions

It’s hard to get things right the first time. Sometimes an extra page is needed to define a service, a new photo needs to be taken to match design or a desired functionality just doesn’t fit within the confines of the website. We’ve experienced this first-hand. Before we ever go live we confirm over and over that you’re satisfied completely with the website we’ve made. We want you to be in as much awe as your customers will be. We know you’ll love it!

Step 3: Optimize for Industry Audience

Test, test, and more testing. We design everything on your website with conversions in mind. With conversions being our metric, we must test all the variables that could potentially impact them. From headings, to photo selection, font type, call to action phrasing and colors and content. We consistently monitor your website ensuring it performs well for your audience and service.

We know your brand matters

90% of Gen Z believe companies must act to help social and environmental issues. Show your community how you’re giving back to them and they’ll return the favor.

Extra features

Email marketing integration

Integrate your Email Marketing Platform with your website to build your audience and track returning visitors. With $44 to $1 ROI, email is not going out of style.

Retargeting advertising

Ever seen an ad from a website you just visited? That’s called retargeting. It’s the best way to spend your advertising dollars, by targeting consumers who are already considering your service.

E-commerce Functionality

Online inventory, shipping estimates and payment integration can be tricky to manage when setting up your store for e-commerce functionality. You don’t need an entirely new website or CMS just to start taking orders.

Backlink Building

This is considered Off-Page SEO, because it involves getting your website linked out to by other high performing sites. Google verifies this as a credible source and considers you more relevant than your competitors.

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