Why Lake Mary SEO is Unique

Lake Mary SEO is unique in its own right. Nestled between Sanford and Longwood, both of which have their own prominent culture, standing out is a must. We’ve been observing what makes local businesses with great SEO stand out in Lake Mary, and here’s what we’ve put together.

1. Focus on Google My Business for Lake Mary SEO

“Why is this? Google My Business is dominating local search and for good reason.

 “Near Me” searches have shot up more than 500%, even more since COVID.

 With location technology activated practically all the time, Google can now use these results to provide relevant information to you.

 And how does it know what’s around? Google Maps.

 Thus, one of the best investments you can make for your local business is to make sure you have a verified and claimed Google My Business listing for your store.

 They’re completely free and are generating more than 95% of the business from another local client of mine.

2. Use location pages to target Sanford, Debary, Deltona, Orlando, Altamonte Springs etc.

“When you use a “near me” search it unfortunately only pulls the most relevant searches within a 5-mile radius.

 This is great for you if most of your customers are within a 5-mile radius, but here in Lake Mary, that’s a far cry.

 Basically, if your competitor has their business located closer to your ideal customer they’ll beat you every time.

 There is a way around this though.

 Creating Location pages for areas that are relevant to you.

 You do this by creating an extra page on your website for “locations we serve”.

 Then create a page titled “your industry in Sanford”.

 Do this for every service you offer and every city you could potentially serve.

 Next, add these links to your “locations we serve” page and google should start recognizing your services with the areas you listed.

3. Not using the right keywords in your Lake Mary SEO strategy.

I’ve seen this a couple of times.

 Businesses are either not targeting keywords whatsoever and naming URLs/ pages/ meta descriptions whatever they like or they’re targeting the wrong synonym of their keyword.

 This is a sure-fire method to tank your Lake Mary SEO efforts.

 For example, the value for the word “roofer” is worth $5 on PPC and the competition is low, while the word “roofing contractor” is worth $10 on PPC and competition is a little stiffer.

 Depending on the content you’re able to produce you’re better off targeting “roofing contractor” since they apparently have better conversions.

 One way to find this out is to use Google Autosuggest and start typing in common search phrases for your industry.

 It will give you very common questions and variations that you should target.

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